Big Oak

The Oak

The Oak is one of our largest luxury tents and truly gives campers a sense of freedom and holiday in the middle of nature. This is especially due to the tent’s unique use of space: the wide entrance, large windows and 3.8-metre high ridge give guests that true camping feeling, but with the desired convenience and comfort, such as a high-quality bed, toilet, shower and kitchen.
After 75 years of building tents and working with many campsite owners, we speak from experience when we say that placing tents requires custom work. Are you curious about what’s involved? We’d be happy to explain the ins and outs to you in more detail.

Season: Spring, summer, autumn, winter

People.: 6 to 8 people

Surface: 59 m²

The best canvas for the best outdoor experience

The Oak’s canvas is made of polyester-cotton and combines the best of both worlds. Our cotton canvas works in a special way: the cotton is impregnated to make it waterproof. Very convenient, because it keeps water out of the tent during heavy rainfall. At the same time, the cotton has a breathable and moisture-regulating effect. Suppose you have moisture inside the tent, for example, because of a higher humidity during the night, or because you have made tea or even exhale water vapour. This moisture won’t linger inside the tent, but the cotton will absorb the moisture and eventually wick it to the outside. It is an impressive piece of engineering that gives our tents this moisture-regulating effect while still remaining waterproof. This creates a pleasant living environment for campers inside the tent, and is therefore one of the main reasons why our tents have been incredibly popular for over 75 years.

The polyester part makes the fabric extra durable and makes it less susceptible to external weather conditions. As a result, the canvas – and therefore the tent – will last longer, and you will have a durable and pleasant solution for offering your guests a comfortable stay.

Customise the tent to your needs

You may think of our Oak as a blank canvas: you can completely customise the floor, walls and layout to a style that suits your campsite. Does a familiar Western European appearance suit your park best? Or would you prefer a warm, Mediterranean look and feel? Whatever your requirements: you can tailor the Oak entirely to your target audience. Do your guests usually not cook in the kitchen, but do they enjoy sitting in the bath? Then the layout can be adjusted accordingly. Or would you prefer the windows on the other side and a wheelchair-friendly entrance? This is also possible, of course.

Big Oak - Foto 3

A longer camping season with more rental weeks

The Oak can be extended on the inside with an insulating canvas. Appreciated by campers for its luxurious appearance, it is above all very functional. For example, at lower temperatures it is excellent at keeping out the cold, and at higher temperatures it protects against the heat. This allows the tent to be rented out even earlier in spring and allows holidaymakers to enjoy their holidays longer in autumn too. A fire-retardant variant of this canvas is also available, allowing compliance with any local guidelines.

A tent for 2, 4, 6 or 8 people

The Oak’s design lends itself to playing with space. Prefer smaller accommodation for 2 to 4 people? Then the Small Oak is what you’re looking for. Looking for a bit more space and want to accommodate up to 6 or 8 people? Then the Big Oak is an excellent solution. In fact, the Oak is modular: because the Small Oak is extendable with an extra track in the middle, we are able to increase the size of the tent according to your needs. Moreover, the 3.5-metre height of both the Small and the Big Oak provides enough space to create a second floor for additional sleeping areas.


Number of people: 2 to 8 people(depending on layout)
Outer canvas: 420 gram polyester-cotton
Frame: Aluminium
Entrance height: 210 cm

Ridge height: 370 cm
Dimensions of Small Oak:
500 x 880 cm
Dimensions of Big Oak: 500 x 1180 cm
Depth of canopy: 190 cm
Color: Taupe

Big Oak

Small Oak


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