Giant Fir

The Giant Fir

With its unusual teepee tent appearance and wide canopy, the Giant Fir is almost fairy-tale like. And that’s exactly why it should suit your guests perfectly – just like its little brother, the Compact Fir. The tent exudes tremendous ambience, and not just on the outside. In fact, the tent is very spacious inside and you have complete freedom to arrange the tent to your liking.

For example, you can use the tent as a family tent and stay cosily together in one large space, or alternatively as a couple’s tent where you can create a cosy living room-bedroom. We will warn you in advance, though: the Giant Fir will attract a lot of attention on the campsite! Whether you wish to sleep inside the tent with six people or, alternatively, four including a cosy dining area: the Giant Fir offers plenty of possibilities to furnish the tent completely as you wish.

After 75 years of building tents and working with many campsite owners, we speak from experience when we say that placing tents requires custom work. Are you curious about what’s involved? We’d be happy to explain the ins and outs to you in more detail.

The cotton canvas ensures a pleasant stay

Our cotton canvas works in a special way: the cotton is impregnated to make it waterproof. Very convenient, because it keeps water out of the tent during heavy rainfall. At the same time, the cotton allows for breathability and moisture management. Suppose you have moisture in the tent (for example, as a result of making tea or simply breathing), then this tent prevents the moisture from staying around. This is because the cotton absorbs the moisture and will eventually wick it to the outside. It is an impressive piece of engineering that gives our tents this moisture-regulating effect while still remaining waterproof. This creates a pleasant living environment for campers inside the tent – and is therefore one of the main reasons why our tents have been incredibly popular for over 75 years.

Back to true camping

The tent is also very cosy on the inside. For example, pallet beds, camping mattresses and sets of fine pillows with blankets create a warm camping feeling. The design of the Giant Fir lends itself perfectly to creating a sense of going back-to-basics and unwinding in a setting of simple camping.

An atmospheric spot with the Giant Fir

The Giant Fir is image-defining, and helps you establish a pleasant atmosphere right away – even before your guests arrive! Furnish the tent with atmospheric lights, warm wool blankets and comfy chairs and the tone will be set. Good preparation is half the battle, which is precisely the strength of the Giant Fir!


Number of people: 5 people
Outer canvas: 340 gram cotton
Ground sheet: Bisonyl
Frame: Steel with coating
Entrance height: 183 cm
Ridge height: 330 cm

Living area: Ø 500 cm
Sleeping area:
 Ø 500 cm
Dimensions with canopy: 500 x 685 cm
Depth of canopy:
360 cm
Color: Sahara, beige, blue, green


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